Getting Through Graduate School

Getting Through Graduate School

Ever leave a computer store wondering what you just bought? The well-meaning salesperson said it was a super deal but now, you wonder whether it will do what you need it to do. Happens all the time!

  • How much RAM does your computer have?
  • How often do you back up your files?
  • Are your USB ports 3.0 or 2.0?
  • How fast is your computer’s CPU?
  • What is “external storage”?
  • How much space is on your hard drive?
  • What kind of hard drive does your computer have?
  • Can you find the papers you wrote last semester?
  • Ever forget an important appointment?

Know the answers to these questions?

This book is written to graduate students but the content applies to anyone who uses computers and other electronic devices for things other than entertainment. Its purpose is to provide advice about creating a system of technology and software that will make the process of using technology simpler, easier, and more profitable.

Get it electronically (Kindle) or as paperback in the Amazon Store

For less than $10, this a small investment for a major purchase decision (How much did your coffee shop stop cost?).

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