Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

The Dissertation Process

Summary: Do you want to maximize your time and hard work completing your dissertation? That will take some planning but it is difficult to plan without understanding some things about dissertation activities and how they overlap.


Document and Page Anatomy for Word

Summary: This clip includes an overview of how Word arranges a document and page. It also includes a discussion of Page Breaks and Section Breaks together with how to format page numbers for different document sections.

Setting Heading Styles in Word

Summary: This clip will show you how to modify and assign heading styles in Word. It will also give the basics of generating a Table of Contents.

Folders, Files, and Tags

What makes Tags different than Folders and Files for categorizing information?

Using the Spelling and Grammar Checker in Word

This clip shows how to set up the Spelling and Grammar Checker in Word. Note that the process might vary somewhat with different versions of Word.


Setting hanging indent in Word

This clip shows how to format a list of references with hanging indent.