Welcome to Everything Academic Online!

So, why another blog about education? I guess the simplest answer to that lies in the academic process itself or more simply stated, "different strokes for different folks." Because we are all people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perceptions, we all see things a bit differently. That means that even with the many sites that post information about all aspects of learning, each person will perceive those sites differently. Also, each of those who manage the sites will present the material in a slightly different way. I will present the material in many ways that differ from other sites. In this collaborative effort, students will each find those sites that best match their needs. In a similar way, each site provides a slightly different perspective than other sites, and in doing so, mimics the scholarly process.

Why am I doing this blog?

First, as my biography states, I love to teach and have done it for almost 40 years. My experiences in education and in the use of computers related to education include teaching at all levels, evaluating computer software, and incorporating computers into the classroom.

Broader Perspective About Learning

I also have worked in school administration and in private business, giving me a slightly different perspective about learning. Third, one of my hobbies is evaluating new applications for increasing productivity. Finally, I have worked online and understand the needs of online students, and the difficulties associated with remote learning.

What Will Be Included in This Blog?

What will be included in this blog? At this point, I plan to make this blog a resource page for students at any level and in particular, at the dissertation level. I will review apps that can make your hard work pay off by allowing you to work smarter, about how to increase your productivity as you pursue your academic goals, and video clips that show you how to do many of the mechanical things such as formatting papers and steps that can help you build quality paper.

Collaborate and Contribute to the Blog!

I hope that each person who visits the site or subscribes to it, can give other ideas about what could be useful to students. If you are a student, faculty member, or anyone involved in learning, you're part of what is known as Academia, and ancient concept rooted in ancient Greece. We are Academia and this is my small contribution to that larger community so I hope you enjoy what you find on the site!